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Modern Grandparenting Podcast

Our new podcast called Modern Grandparenting is looking at our grandparent role from many perspectives. No one can argue that life in 2020 and beyond has proved to be much different than many other years and family relationships are more important to us than ever before.

Our goal is to celebrate all those great stories, advice, and love that bringing a new grandkid into the family provides, but also a chance to ask questions, seek advice, learn how parenting has changed since we had kids, and learning how to deal with this new role.

We plan to publish a weekly episode on Wednesdays, so don’t miss any. You can sign up for our Grannies go Digital newsletter.

If you have a question, please fill out the Ask Modern Grandparenting Question Submittal Form by clicking here.

Modern Grandparenting Podcasts

Our First Foray into Podcasting – Mommy Now Mommy Then Podcast

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