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Is it Unfair to Have an Only Child? How Old Can a Boy and a Girl Share a Room?

Do you have strong opinions about having an only child? We did, too, but those had to change. Find out why on this episode. We also discuss sharing bedrooms with the opposite sex, and grandparents with different tastes as us.

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Is it Unfair to Have an Only Child

Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss only children. I share my experience growing up about what only children wanted, but then we get into reasons for only having one. We’d love to know what you think about having only one child.

We move onto a couple of other issues like: not having the same taste in baby clothes or more importantly, decor as others, and also discussing how appropriate it is to have boys and girls sharing a bedroom and for how long.

Mommy Hacks

At the end of the show, we have a few “hacks” to share with you, and sometimes we recommend products while doing so. We just want to let you know, if we mention a product we will tell you exactly what we think about it, no messing about. Our opinions are definitely our own. Products we recommended on this show (affiliate links):

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Footed Sleep and Play Clothes for Baby are our new favorite items to keep AJ in day and night. These one piece jumpsuits keep is middle warm, his feet enclosed, and they are sturdy and cute. No more snaps, shirts that ride up, and other clothes issues for us!

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