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How to Stop People from Criticizing our Baby Names

Picking a baby’s name is one of the best things about preparing to be a new parent, but how do we stop people from criticizing our baby names? We’ve got this and more in this epipsode of Mommy Now Mommy Then.

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 Do we stop people from criticizing our baby names?

Show Notes

Once more we have an opinion packed episode for you. From disrespectful granddaughters to snarky folks disliking our baby names. The discussion gets heated.

We also talk about what to do if baby keeps crying when put down, how to praise one grandchild without the other feeling left out, and how much is too much to pay for a one year old’s birthday party.

Mommy Hacks

At the end of the show, we have a few “hacks” to share with you, and sometimes we recommend products while doing so. We just want to let you know, if we mention a product we will tell you exactly what we think about it, no messing about. Our opinions are definitely our own. Products we recommended on this show (affiliate links):

Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor is one of those products we didn’t have when I was raising kids, but I wish we did. Every parent, shoot anyone that’s taken care of a baby through naptime, has experienced wondering if she were okay. The Owlet does that for you. I have to say it’s made me feel better numerous times.

As an educator, I love books and reading books to children. One of my new favorites, because of the narrative and the artwork is Mice Skating which is all about one mouse coaxing her friends outside of their cozy home during the winter. It’s heartwarming and fun.

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