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How to Get Over Guilty Feelings & Choosing Grandma Names

Every parent feels guilty. Every family likes picking grandma names. These are two of the topics we conquer in this episode of Mommy Now Mommy Then. Listen now.

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Mommy Now Mommy Then How to Get over guilty feelings and choosing grandma names.

Show Notes

Welcome to our very first episode where we two moms, Erika (Mommy Now) and Corinne (Mommy Then), answer a few great questions.

This episode starts with a bang since we deal with feeling guilty about not breastfeeding, figuring out who gets to name Grandma, and more. We even get into a little discussion on digital screen time for babies.

Mommy Hacks

At the end of the show, we have a few “hacks” to share with you, and sometimes we recommend products while doing so. We just want to let you know, if we mention a product we will tell you exactly what we think about it, no messing about. Our opinions are definitely our own. Products we recommended on this show (affiliate links):

Eco inspired Baby Teether Toy which we’ve found that AJ just cannot live without. He started using it about a month before his first tooth popped out, and now it’s one of his go-tos.

Our second hack is about re-thinking video calls with infants. We explain that you can really start immediately after birth and still make a difference in your grandchild’s life. If you have questions about this, you can check out our video calls with babies article.

Don’t forget to send us your questions, anecdotes, humorous or daunting situations by going to our main Mommy Now Mommy Then page.