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Throw an Earth Day Party for Your Grandkids!

Looking for some new traditions to start with your grandkids? Throw them an Earth Day Party and they’ll never forget the fun you’ve had. In this podcast, we help you plan the perfect party.

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Earth Day party - get outdoors!

Show Notes

01:52 – Origins of Earth Day

05:19 – Preparing for the Earth Day Party

06:51 – Seed bombs

10:47 – Outdoors activities

14:39 – Bird nesting bags and feeders

18:33 – Sewing activites

20:14 – Earth day movies for children

22:14 – Find Earth Day activities in your community

23:44 – Earth Day snacks

26:04 – Volunteer opportunities

Earth day party - plants, plants, plants!

Worth Mentioning

Clean up – Use trash grabbers

How to Make a Seed Bomb

Making a Bird Nesting Bag? Don’t use this…

Athletic Shoe Drive

Books about Earth Day:

Earth day party - play games.