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About Me and Grannies Go Digital

Hi, I am Corinne and I love being a grandmother. I am an avid traveler, and have lived overseas for much of my life, over 25 years in fact. I worked as a teacher for military children up to June 2019, living and serving military bases in the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Germany, and Turkey.

I was drawn to helping out military kids, because I was one myself. I know how hard it is to move around, make new friends, and most importantly be away from family as I grew up. Back then, we didn’t have computers, and using the telephone was expensive so we didn’t call home often.

Little girl with Grandma circa 1964.
This is me with my grandma when I was about three years old.

When I grew up, I too joined the Air Force, got married, and even though I got out after four years, my husband stayed in for 20 years. I loved the way I grew up, and I wanted that for my children as well. The only downside was, again, missing family. My daughters, Devon and Erika, have mentioned many times how they feel they really didn’t get to know their grandparents when they were growing up, and that of course saddens me.

Once Jim, the other half of this blog, retired from the military, we still didn’t want to give up our lifestyle, so that’s when we both joined the organization for teaching military children and continued to serve in those communities another 20 years. We absolutely loved every minute of it.

Jim retired in June 2020, and we finally, after decades, moved back to the U.S. Meantime, my daughter Erika gave birth to our first grandchild, AJ, in April. Right away, we needed to figure out how AJ could get to know us, really know us, as we lived our lives the way we want to and he begins to grow up. The very first thing was having an Online Baby Shower for Erika. And so it began. I hope you enjoy the journey with us.

Grandpa Jim and Grandma Corinne walk with AJ through the tulip fields of Washington.
Here is a photo of us with our grandson, getting outdoors and enjoying life!

Here’s some more facts about Corinne:

  • I was born in Turkey to an American Dad serving in the military, and an American mom who taught school to military children. I followed in both of their footsteps joining the Air Force after high school, then getting my Master’s Degree in Education to teach military children overseas.
  • I’ve been a Girl Scout since I was six years old. After going through the ranks myself, I was a leader and a trainer of leaders. I even worked a few years as a paid Girl Scout. I served girls in Alaska, traveling out to the Aleutian Islands as well as plenty of places near Anchorage.
  • As a professional educator, I’ve taught everything from pre-school to Graduate School. I love learning, and I love teaching. There’s nothing better than seeing the light come on in a child’s eye when discovering something new!
  • Other than teaching and Girl Scouts, my biggest passion in life is traveling and getting to know the people, the places, and especially the food of various countries.
  • Jim and I run two travel blogs as well: Roving Vails which is all about North American travel, and Reflections Enroute, which is world travel.

About Grannies Go Digital

I started this website for people like Jim and me. Grandparents that might not get to see their grandchildren as often as they like for one reason or another. Ones that want to make the time they have together, either digitally or in person, the best experiences they can possibly have. I hope along the way you are able to bond and make memories, lasting memories, for your entire family. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

I invite you to join our private Facebook Group and follow me on Instagram and Pinterest as well.

Work with Grannies Go Digital

We love creating collaborative partnerships, and we actively seek out new opportunities to share our skills and our growing online audience (nearly 200,000 across a variety of social media outlets).

We have partnered with private organizations, official tourism offices, and private individuals around the world. Our goal is to help grandparents and their families bond, build traditions, travel, and enjoy living life to the fullest. In order to do so, we like to make it easy for them to access new products, affordable travel, safe toys and technology.

Take a look at our disclaimer and privacy policy pages for more information. If you are interested in working with us or have any questions about our website or policies, please email us by using the contact page, and don’t forget to ask for our Media Kit.