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Thanksgiving Dilemmas

Thanksgiving is all about family, but unfortunately it can mean there’s going to be some drama. We tackle questions about how to deal with these dilemmas and more on this episode of Mommy Now Mommy Then.

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Thanksgiving Dilemmas - should be bring baby to the huge family feast and more!

Show Notes

This week is all about dealing with your family during the Thanksgiving holiday. Yes, we need to socially distance. Yes, we want to see everyone. How can we do it?  What should we do and what should we not do? So many questions, not enough time. Have you ever or are you making choices on what to do with your baby this Thanksgiving? This episode is for you.

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Mommy Hacks

At the end of the show, we have a few “hacks” to share with you, and sometimes we recommend products while doing so. We just want to let you know, if we mention a product we will tell you exactly what we think about it, no messing about. Our opinions are definitely our own. Products we recommended on this show (affiliate links):

Baby Care Play Mat – Haute Collection – This mat is my favorite thing. It covers a good portion of the floor, and it’s about an inch thick. It helps my arthritic knee and old bones not hurt as much as I play with AJ. It’s easy to clean, just spray and wipe if anything gets on it, and the best part is it kind of sets boundaries for the little guy as he starts to be able to get around on his own.

Family Board Games – Erika and her hubby love playing board games as our family has always done. Since AJ has been born, it’s amazing how he will sit and watch us play whatever for awhile before going to bed. Why not start this tradition of playing board games with your kids and grandkids? There are so many good board games out there, but here’s a few we love:

  • Camel Up – Fast paced, easy to learn, and is fun theme.
  • Dixit – Imaginative and there’s no reading, so great for even littler children.
  • Potion Explosion – Another good one, some strategy and some luck.
  • Catch the Moon – Stacking ladders to see who can make the tallest tower, great for developing fine motor skills.

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