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Mommy Now Mommy Then

Every week on the Mommy Now Mommy Then podcast, we share in your parenting and family frustrations in an educational and humorous manner.

Welcome to my daughter’s and my new podcast. We’ll be having our official launch party on Oct. 28th! We’d love it if you checked out our podcasts, subscribe, and of course leave a rating and review.

Mommy Now Mommy Then is a look into parenting differences between this generation and generations past. Parenting has changed, but mommy shaming and mommy guilt has not.

By answering family relationship and parenting questions, we want to help you overcome the frustrations of being a mom or being a grandma today so that you can completely enjoy your parenting journey with your extended family near and far.

Come along with us, two educators and mommies to discover how to own your parenting style, let go of feeling like a bad mom, and celebrate your parenting wins.

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Mommy Now Mommy Then Episode 1
How do we stop people from criticizing our baby names?
Do Grandparents Have Rights?
Friends kids are rough with baby.
Advice for Young Fathers Podcast Cover.
Thanksgiving Dilemmas.
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